What You Have to Believe to Believe Trump is Not Guilty

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So, lets boil this down.

Donald Trump insisted on a quid pro quo with Ukraine: military aid and a White House meeting if Ukraine announced they were investigating the Bidens and the 2016 election. That’s an established fact.

How do we know? Because Trump said it on the July 25th call. Over a dozen diplomats and National Security Council employees testified to it under oath. And the White House Chief of Staff confirmed it on national television.

Here’s another fact. Donald Trump directed his entire administration to withhold information in order to prevent the House from investigating his conduct.

Therefore, to believe Trump should not be convicted and removed from office you have to believe one or both of the following things.

1. You have to believe that the Constitution allows the President to use his lawful powers for improper purposes, and then do everything in his power to prevent Congress from investigating him.

2. Or you have to believe that Trump engaged in the quid pro quo because he really believed that the Bidens, and actors in Ukraine, were corrupt in ways that would harm the United States.

If you believe #2, I have some questions for you.

Why did the President use his personal lawyer and his Ukrainian friends to make this “request” to the Ukrainian government, rather than having the Attorney General file a written formal request as the treaty between the US and Ukraine requires?

Why hasn’t Bob Barr, Trump’s loyal Attorney General, launched an investigation of the Bidens?

Why hide all this from Congress and the public if it was proper? We only learned about this quid pro quo because of the whistleblower.

Why did the President only ask that the investigation be announced on TV, rather than actually conducted?

And why was the aid ultimately released? This supposedly vital investigation never happened.

Only the most FOX brainwashed tribal partisan could possibly believe that Trump wanted this investigation for any reason other than to hurt Joe Biden and help his campaign.

Which takes us back to point number one. If the President can use the powers of his office to benefit himself to the detriment of the national interest, and then block an impeachment investigation into his actions, the Constitution is dead, and the President is a dictator.

Is that what you believe?

Former Washington State Republican lawmaker and State Party Chairman. Republican nominee for the US Senate in 2016. Now an independent.

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