Why Asking Center-Right Former Republicans to Simply Join the Democrats is Not A Realistic Option

Highly respected, former Republican, principled conservative, Max Boot, recently argued that “those of us on the center-right can’t afford a third-party flirtation. We need to become Biden Republicans.” Opinion | Center-right voters need to become Biden Republicans, because the GOP can’t be saved — The Washington Post Leaders like Bill Kristol What About Joe? — The Bulwark and Tim Miller The Trade: Meet the New Red Dog Democrats — The Bulwark have made roughly the same argument. The problem is, not all Democrats are Joe Biden, and Americans vote for far more positions than just the presidency. Those of us left politically homeless by the authoritarian infestation of the GOP need a third option.

Yes, current, and former Republicans who supported the election of Joe Biden need to now support the implementation of his moderate, center-left agenda. Yes, we need to support President Biden over Donald Trump, or one of his acolytes or off-spring, and not divide the anti-Trump vote in 2024. But what are Never Trumpers to do in races for Governor, Senator, the state legislature, and so on? What are we to do when Democrats move left, away from Biden centrism, and nominate “democratic socialists?” Asking center-right former Republicans to simply join the Democratic party is not a realistic option given the complexity of our political system.

Millions of American live in states, or congressional/legislative districts, that one party or the other can’t possibly win. In many of those places, candidates are chosen in closed party primaries. For moderates, joining the Democrats often means irrelevance and certain defeat, either in the primary election in blue areas, or in the general election in red areas.

Even in states with open, or top 2 primary systems, like California, and my home state of Washington, moderate suburban voters are stuck with the choice of Republicans loyal to Trumpism, or Democrats who are part of a state party led by Democrats far more liberal than is President Biden.

America is too big for just two parties. We need a third option; a new pro-democracy, moderate, center-right movement. A political movement that will ally with moderate Biden Democrats in some races, with pro-democracy Republicans in some races, with principled independents in some races, and will support candidates who run under our new banner in some races, all dependent on specific local political realities. How to bring this into being is under active consideration by a large cadre of current and former Republican leaders. Exclusive: Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party | Reuters

I campaigned for, donated to, and voted for Joe Biden. I will proudly do so again in 2024, but hopefully as a member of a new American political movement that stands as an alternative to our current two parties.

Former Washington State Republican lawmaker and State Party Chairman. Republican nominee for the US Senate in 2016. Now an independent.

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